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Hot Lunches....




As part of our policy to promote healthy eating we offer the option of a cooked nutriously balanced meal every lunchtime. The meals are provided by Red Hen Cookery who are based in St Johns.  


'We are incredibly passionate about the food we cook for nursery and school children. It’s so important for children to develop good eating habits from an early age, these will encourage them to continue to eat a balanced and nutritious diet into primary school and beyond.

Our educational catering service operates on a 3 weekly cycle and new seasonal dishes are introduced to ensure variety and a balanced diet. '  Red Hen Cookery


We charge £2.00 per meal and the food is cooked fresh every day and delivered to the setting where staff will serve it.  We often find that 'fussy eaters' will tuck into the lunches when they see their friends eating and for many working families it is an ideal way to ensure your child is having a hot meal.  You do not need to order for the term, as long as you have let us know by the Wednesday of the week before we can add a lunch as and when.





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