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A bit about us....

Norton Pre-school is a small, family orientated setting. As a 'not for profit' organisation we re-invest any profit into the resources for the children, our priority is offering the very best care for all our families.  Situated at the rear of Norton Parish Hall, Littleworth, nr Norton, we have our own secure garden and access to large playing field and ample free parking. We have both indoor and outdoor play areas and cloakrooms designed for children. We also have an amazing Forest School area just a short walk away which is also completely secure and offers a large area for the children to explore.

Our last Ofsted inspection was in September 2018 when we were rated “Good”. Parents are very welcome to read the full report about the high standard of care we offer the children. (Link on the Ofsted page)

We follow the national Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which sounds very formal!  What it means is that our children learn through play and doing interesting projects rather than through more formal learning. The curriculum develops children in lots of different ways the emphasis being on preparing them to be independent learners, to give them the skills to start their life journey.





We build on children's existing skills and interests and use their play activities in order to help stimulate and enhance their learning and development.


Your child's progress is assessed throughout the year using an online system called Tapestry, (click link below for more information) this is accessible to families via the internet so you can regularly see how your child is progressing.  We also hold parent's evenings and various events to enable you to be involved in our pre-school community. We also add a daily blog to share what we have been up to during the day.


We believe that developing social skills are important to all our children's personal development. In a supportive atmosphere they are learning to play together, to share toys, to take turns with equipment and with gentle guidance make decisions and consider what might be right from wrong. We work closely with parents to ensure the children receive the best start on their learning journey.


A variety of stimulating activities are provided. Together the children will enjoy stories, songs, 'messy play', painting, role play, gardening, access to computers and  much more!  Our new building enables the children to choose whether to play inside or outside in our secure garden and they move between the two whenever they want to. 


Childhood is important in itself and we want all our children to have an enjoyable and satisfying childhood experience. With our help, encouragement and support we aim to facilitate their move onto primary school as confident, self-assured and self-motivated, with secure foundations to build on for the future.


 “I love the friendly close knit welcoming atmosphere and all the staff are lovely. They care about each child as an individual and recognise their needs. My daughter does new exciting things every day she goes and if she is happy I am confident she is learning and having fun in a safe place”                                                                                                         Parent Survey




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